akuma666 (akuma666) wrote,

Lets see...Friday I went to my boy JTVR's house and chilled there...been a long time since I went there and his dad still knows who I am...The big guy. lol. But yeah, I helped JTVR put pictures up on his ceiling and watching a movie and played some videogames. That was fun. I stayed there for a few hours before heading off to my homie Raven's house to stay there.

Saturday I woke up and went to my buddy Peaches for some Hardcore Fucking Wrestling(HFW). That was fun. Still got a few bruises on my knees. Then went back to Raven's after that before heading to my cousin's house to his girlfriends grad party. Hung out with my brother and had a few drinks before going back to Raven's for the night to chill and play some videogames.

Sunday I hung out at Raven's all day smoking and playing videogames before heading home.

Yesterday I was at Raven's to chill and watch WWE's Monday Night RAW. That was pretty sweet. D-X back together again, oh hell yeah!
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