akuma666 (akuma666) wrote,

OKat chain of events that have happened...Spent anice week of having great days perfect moods and all ya'know? So tuesday I lose my phone...how nice..okay..So its either in Raph's car somewhere..At kreggelz and they are being dcks and not gonna say shit..or some kid there stole it if so someone is dead...okay..My sister keeps blaming me for everything happening here at her house..Thanks sis I love you too...My mind is fucked up greatly and I've been in shitty depressed mods as of late...oh great...Last night no one was around or everyone was busy so I stay home and was bored off my fucking ass thiking about death and what it would be like to die...How fun ya'know? so anywho I'm rather low today and need something to do...I"M FUCKING GOING IN FUCKING SANE ONCE MORE AND I WILL SNAP ANY MOMENT NOW! SOMEONE SAVE ME PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good bye
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