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Time to let out the feelings and clear my mind..no papre or pen so I can't write a poem..so I will just talk here. Lets see...Lately I've been feeling like I'm losing my friends..a few have stayed loyal and by my side but others either are starting to use me or stab me in the back...or just forget about me or something like that...it really sucks not knowing who is what and who will do what...Cna't tell if someone is a friend or a fake, an attacker or a defender...I'm really confused as of now...My mind is going outa serious wack right now and I don't even know who I am at times...I might have to take time away from everyone aside form the few who I still trust and let my head get really clear...I'm just so very lost at this time, well thats how I feel sorta...lots more but all that other stuff is a lot more person and from the deepest part of my heart that now one has even seen or will see but myself..well now I'm gone so...hope ya enjoyed reading about how I feel at this moment...Its time for Akuma to take some time off..so..from now on...I cannot be called Akuma...no...I am only blank....

P.S. No one reading this can call me...My phone is in my boy Raph's car at this time..it fell outa my pocket last night.
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