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The Great and Dead Akuma [entries|friends|calendar]

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Holy shit... [06 Apr 2010|12:23pm]
I hate the change into spring. I like the warmer weather yes but just all this rain fucks with me sleeping.

I also hate my family lately. All they do is push me out or try to fight with me. Yes I know I'm not the sharpest spoon on the shelve. But still, doesn't mean ya gotta put someone down for everything thing they do. I just want to get done with college and take what I can go to Europe and just backpack around for a few years. Or go to Japan or China and live with some monks for years.

Some days I truely wish that 2012 is the end of live on earth. Why I wish this I don't know I just want to witness an absolute ending to something.
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Life and love. [01 Mar 2010|10:59pm]
Lets take a minute to talk on love. Something almost everyone wants but not everyone can find. I've taken a lot of my past relationships and what lead to the downfall of them. And most the time it was just I ended up with the dumb whores who wanted to just hook up with one guy and move around between his friends it seems. And as I look at my heart now...I find myself in a shitty spot. The girl I love will never see me the same way for she is a lesbian now. And the one chance I had at a normal relationship could have ruined many friendships I have with people, not to mention she wouldn't go out with me, and I'm pretty damn sure of that. I'm just getting tired of females now, every time I met one who things could work out once she meets my friends, the little whore in her comes out. I'm just gonna shut up for now.
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Just....nothing [21 Feb 2010|01:56am]
Well it's been years since I've logged into this thing. Hell as far as I know I'm writing in here for no one to read now. Well where to start. Oh yeah lets start with how things start out good but always end up the worst way. Lets start with love. I know we all know what love is and how it feels. Well the female who truly holds the key to my heart...will never unlock it. I'm in love with a lesbian.

Now onto other matters, I'm not doing well in college cause for some reason my brain always starts out find but after a year or so into schooling ends up shutting down and failing me. I don't know whats wrong with me and why I can't do anything right. I'm just a born fuck up I guess.

Not sure who to trust anymore. Not sure which homies are my real homies and which are just faking it now to not get on my bad side, if I even have a bad side. I'm just getting sick and tired of everything. Is 12/21/2012 is the end of the life, I hope I an one of the unlucky to die so I can stop letting everyone down. That seems to be the only thing I'm good at is letting people down. I'm out for now, if your reading this atleast leave a comment so I can someone is taking an intrest into my depressing moments.
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[22 Oct 2007|08:25am]

What shall your epitaph be? at QuizGalaxy.com
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Here ya go [04 Sep 2007|09:41pm]
Here's an update Candy Man. not much yet. Just letting you know I will update alright? Once I can figure out everything I need to update about cause there is a lot in my head I need to put it in order, got days mixed up and half ass forwards and back ass halfwards.
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[11 Jan 2007|06:05pm]
long time no update. This week has been a shit storm. but...I don't know....just...fuck the fuck off.
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[20 Jun 2006|07:49am]
Lets see...Friday I went to my boy JTVR's house and chilled there...been a long time since I went there and his dad still knows who I am...The big guy. lol. But yeah, I helped JTVR put pictures up on his ceiling and watching a movie and played some videogames. That was fun. I stayed there for a few hours before heading off to my homie Raven's house to stay there.

Saturday I woke up and went to my buddy Peaches for some Hardcore Fucking Wrestling(HFW). That was fun. Still got a few bruises on my knees. Then went back to Raven's after that before heading to my cousin's house to his girlfriends grad party. Hung out with my brother and had a few drinks before going back to Raven's for the night to chill and play some videogames.

Sunday I hung out at Raven's all day smoking and playing videogames before heading home.

Yesterday I was at Raven's to chill and watch WWE's Monday Night RAW. That was pretty sweet. D-X back together again, oh hell yeah!
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The blade isn't sharp [16 Jun 2006|07:01am]
[ mood | depressed ]

Howdy. How is everyone doing today? Thats nice. Yeah I'm sitting here, tinking about a lot of things and how messed up my head is right now and all the evil and sad things they keep sliding through my thoughts. I've come to realize that the feelings I have for someone, well they arn't worth anything..Yet I can't get rid of them. This love won't go away but also it just bring me pain and agony everyday that I breath. But yet I will not stop breathing so I guess I shall only feel pain ad agony until one day these feelings fade away, if they fade away that is. Love is so very mean and lately I've grown to hate it.

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[14 Jun 2006|11:57am]
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[20 Apr 2006|07:06am]
Image hosting by Photobucket
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[15 Feb 2006|06:09am]
Image hosting by Photobucket
Please help this ninja find his way home. Spread the word.
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Its my birthday...tomorrow.. [14 Sep 2005|08:59pm]
TOMORROW IS MY BIRTHDAY! Oh yeah...Good tiems a coming soon..heh
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[02 Sep 2005|09:33am]
OK..my new icon..yes awsome I know..Done thanks to my good buddy Candy Man..thanks man..you just up lifted my spirits and made me happy
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[02 Sep 2005|09:01am]
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[02 Sep 2005|06:34am]
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[01 Sep 2005|01:51pm]
[ mood | Blub ]

Not a big entry..kinda sliped up in my nice two month span...no many will know what that means but some will...well..anywho..Hung out wiht my new friend Megan the other day..She is awsome..Fun to be around. Well not sure what else to put in here at this time so I'm jsut..go...so..blub

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[13 Aug 2005|01:33pm]
OKat chain of events that have happened...Spent anice week of having great days perfect moods and all ya'know? So tuesday I lose my phone...how nice..okay..So its either in Raph's car somewhere..At kreggelz and they are being dcks and not gonna say shit..or some kid there stole it if so someone is dead...okay..My sister keeps blaming me for everything happening here at her house..Thanks sis I love you too...My mind is fucked up greatly and I've been in shitty depressed mods as of late...oh great...Last night no one was around or everyone was busy so I stay home and was bored off my fucking ass thiking about death and what it would be like to die...How fun ya'know? so anywho I'm rather low today and need something to do...I"M FUCKING GOING IN FUCKING SANE ONCE MORE AND I WILL SNAP ANY MOMENT NOW! SOMEONE SAVE ME PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good bye
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[10 Aug 2005|03:13pm]
[ mood | Only Blank ]

Time to let out the feelings and clear my mind..no papre or pen so I can't write a poem..so I will just talk here. Lets see...Lately I've been feeling like I'm losing my friends..a few have stayed loyal and by my side but others either are starting to use me or stab me in the back...or just forget about me or something like that...it really sucks not knowing who is what and who will do what...Cna't tell if someone is a friend or a fake, an attacker or a defender...I'm really confused as of now...My mind is going outa serious wack right now and I don't even know who I am at times...I might have to take time away from everyone aside form the few who I still trust and let my head get really clear...I'm just so very lost at this time, well thats how I feel sorta...lots more but all that other stuff is a lot more person and from the deepest part of my heart that now one has even seen or will see but myself..well now I'm gone so...hope ya enjoyed reading about how I feel at this moment...Its time for Akuma to take some time off..so..from now on...I cannot be called Akuma...no...I am only blank....

P.S. No one reading this can call me...My phone is in my boy Raph's car at this time..it fell outa my pocket last night.

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[03 Aug 2005|09:47am]
Akuma666's Friend Fusion
...And I'm here to remind you... dick? Full Name Age SHORT This... my friends list Your Homocidal Rampage!... fact of a certain someone posting... I really should update this some... show up as Akuma to wrestle,... like Sup Cheif. We get to... may be devoured. What you;ve done... ONLY COMMENT TO BE ADDED ADD... the win. After the match, JBL...
Friend Fusion by Hutta.
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[03 Aug 2005|08:29am]
[ mood | Emo... ]

Today is emo day everyone...last night had an alright night...hung out wiht a LOT of people...heard things I didn't need to hear...heard shit talkers and fake fuckers....I don't know..I'm just really down today..need somewhere to go something to do yet stuck at home til 4 babysitting...then I got form like anytime after 4 til around midnight if I can find a ride home from where ever I end up going..so yeah...or I'll stay home and just...blub it all day...but its only select few people I will hang out with two..I can count the humber on ONE hand..not both just one hand...so yeah...well anywho..I'm go now and go off to be emo while laying down...I prmise I won't do anything bad or stupid at all...If ya know me..ya know I'm not like that so everything will be fine...alrighty..well..bye..................

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