akuma666 (akuma666) wrote,

Life and love.

Lets take a minute to talk on love. Something almost everyone wants but not everyone can find. I've taken a lot of my past relationships and what lead to the downfall of them. And most the time it was just I ended up with the dumb whores who wanted to just hook up with one guy and move around between his friends it seems. And as I look at my heart now...I find myself in a shitty spot. The girl I love will never see me the same way for she is a lesbian now. And the one chance I had at a normal relationship could have ruined many friendships I have with people, not to mention she wouldn't go out with me, and I'm pretty damn sure of that. I'm just getting tired of females now, every time I met one who things could work out once she meets my friends, the little whore in her comes out. I'm just gonna shut up for now.
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